Gordon-Bibart Attorney at Law


Our mission statement is simple – deliver "QUALITY LEGAL SERVICES AT EXCEPTIONAL VALUES". We fulfill our mission statement by operating our business the way you operate yours - creating value for our clients and a competitive advantage for us by keeping our operating costs low and charging less for our services. Our philosophy is reflected in the following principles.

You’re not paying us to split the atom – and our fees reflect it.

While we take pride in the legal services we deliver, few clients can afford the $500-$700 hourly rates routinely charged by experienced attorneys in large Columbus law firms. We believe that the complexity of most legal issues faced by businesses in the Columbus market allows quality legal services to be effectively delivered at much lower hourly rates. Our hourly rate for most legal projects is $275 per hour.

We understand that the high cost of legal services often makes them inaccessible to many small businesses.

The members of our firm include former partners in major Columbus law firms and have significant in-house counsel experience. Our members also possess substantial business experience, having served as directors, chief executives and general counsels of various business organizations. We have been consumers of legal services as well as providers and feel your pain when it comes to the cost of legal services. We understand that the high cost of legal services often renders them inaccessible to many small businesses. We will work with our clients to provide realistic estimates of the cost of our services based upon our lower hourly rates and, where appropriate, consider alternatives to standard billing arrangements.

We won’t assemble a football team for a tennis match.

Hourly rates are only one component of legal fees. The number of hours devoted to legal projects is where the hidden cost lies. By employing attorneys with prior legal and business experience, we have greatly minimized the “team” approach to legal services. Our attorneys possess sufficient legal experience to complete most legal projects with minimum input from other attorneys. You won’t need a flow chart to understand your legal bills.

You won’t wonder what portion of your legal fees is used to support our office.

Our clients won’t pay for palatial downtown offices, nor do they need them. We operate out of cost effective, professionally furnished offices in a convenient suburban location. You won’t need us to stamp your ticket to get out of our parking lot.

Going “GREEN” is commendable, except when it comes to legal experience.

Starting associate salaries in the larger Columbus law firms have exceeded $110,000 for several years. Unfortunately, inexperienced attorneys introduce inefficiencies into the value equation. We employ only highly trained attorneys with at least fifteen years of legal experience. Neither we nor our clients want to underwrite an apprentice system for new attorneys.

We taught our attorneys how to make the coffee.

Technology is more cost effective than large administrative staffs. We are committed to leveraging all forms of technology, including paperless technologies, to reduce our dependency on administrative staff. If we can boot up a server, we can turn on a coffee pot.

We appreciate the past contributions of our attorneys; we simply believe we've already paid for them.

We developed a compensation system based solely upon productivity - no work, no pay. Our compensation structure eliminates the drag of attorneys who expect to be compensated based upon their ownership interest rather than their current contributions.

Jack be nimble, Jack be quick.

Changing the culture of traditional law firm is like steering an oil tanker. You can turn the wheel, but the bow doesn’t come around for quite some time. We are committed to remaining lean and nimble to react to the rapidly changing landscape for legal services. The Serengeti favors the cheetah.

We derive satisfaction from our client’s appreciation rather than mutual funds.

Being appreciated by our clients is more important to us than chasing the dollar at the end of a stick. We are committed to fostering a “satisfaction based” work environment by balancing a comfortable lifestyle and a productive, satisfying work environment. We believe such a balance will ensure access to the best and brightest attorneys in our market as we grow. We will confine our dreams of unfathomable wealth to the Ohio Lottery System.