Gordon-Bibart Attorney at Law

The Firm

Our Concept

Gordon Bibart, LLC was formed in response to the frequently asked question - why do attorneys charge so much? While there is a myriad of reasons why attorneys charge the rates they do, the short answer is - they have to. With expensive downtown offices, large staffs and starting associate salaries in excess of $100,000, most law firms charge what they do in an effort to meet their operating costs.

At Gordon Bibart, LLC, we decided to follow a different approach, although hardly a novel one. To gain a competitive advantage, we knew we had to lower our rates without sacrificing the quality of our legal services. To do this, we structured our firm by following the business model of many of our clients - to lower the cost of our services, we lowered our operating costs by:
  • Establishing offices in a convenient suburban location.
  • Electing to bring into the firm only highly trained attorneys with the skill sets most important to our business clients.
  • Electing not to underwrite the cost of an associate apprentice system.
  • Furnishing our offices professionally, but with a constant eye on costs.
  • Relying on technology more than administrative staff.
  • Not over-staffing projects with teams of lawyers, thereby reducing the legal hours devoted to specific client projects.
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